Lyrics and Melody: Why Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne were a great writing duo

Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne both shot to public attention when they auditioned for the X Factor and became part of One Direction. But behind the scenes Louis and Liam became a songwriting team working together on some of the bands biggest and most loved tracks.

During their tenure in the band, Louis and Liam contributed together a lot to the songs the band put out. Between they pretty much wrote the bands later three albums, Midnight Memories, Four and Made in the AM.

What made Louis and Liam a formidable songwriting duo is Louis has a clear talent for writing emotive lyrics that make the listener feel and relate what is being sung about. Liams talent was the melody, he knew what was needed musically to help turn Louis wrote in the writing session they had into something unforgettable.

Combine both Louis and Liam’s individual strengths and talents with the input of Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik, and they collectively came up with concepts that made for diverse and wide appealing songs. Which was why Midnight Memories, the band’s third studio album and the one the band at the urging of Louis, took creative control of their sound on, is one of their best selling to date.

Below is all the songs both Louis and Liam wrote on together.

Up All Night

Image result for up all night 1d

Everything About You
Same Mistakes

Take Me Home

Image result for take me home 1d

Back For You
Last First Kiss
Still The One
Summer Love

Midnight Memories

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Right Now
Story of My Life
Through the Dark
Better Than Words
Does He Know?
Little Black Dress
Little White Lies
Midnight Memories


Image result for four 1d

Change Your Ticket
Fool’s Gold
No Control
Night Changes
Ready to Run
Steal My Girl

Perfect EP

Image result for perfect ep 1d


Made in the AM

Image result for 1d made in the am

End of the Day
Long Way Down
What a Feeling

Let us know on Twitter or Insta which is your favourite song that both Louis and Liam wrote together while in 1D!

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