Two years since Louis Tomlinson parted ways with Syco and his world domination began

Two years ago Louis Tomlinson sent a tweet that will be forever remembered by his fans. He announced he had partied ways with his long-time record label Syco Music, which was headed up by his old boss Simon Cowell and slowly began his bid to takeover the world.

This was a huge deal for Louis as he had been signed to the label since the very beginning of his career. Fans were both anxious and excited by the news. What would be next for Louis? It turned a lot and Louies were right to be excited by this new chapter in his career.

Louis signed as an independent artist to BMG in a partnership that will see him highly anticipated second album with them, worldwide.

He then began to slowly but surely take over the world, with record-breaking live streams and creating his own hugely successful music festival, ‘Away From Home’, financing the entire thing out of his own pocket. The festival will be back in August this year in Spain and has already sold out.

World domination continued and continues to this day with his world tour a glorious and unforgettable moment in his career for Louis and his Louies. The tour which is still happening is unprecedented as the promoters and his team literally cannot meet the demand, despite trying their best to make it so as many fans worldwide can see him.

For many dates they had to upgrade to bigger venues, from crowds of 2 to 3000, Louis has been playing for crowds of 15,000. Not to mention there are sometimes over 20,000 people watching instagram lives from people who are that the gig. His growth in the past couple of years is phenomenal and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact as anticipation increases for his second album his fanbase is growing bigger showing that having faith in the future and steadily pushing forward is working for Louis as it’s allowing him to show the world one Louie at a time what a talented artist he is.

You can find the rest of Louis World tour dates here!

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