Liam Payne’s Final Act rounds up his year of live streams nicely

Liam Payne became the king of live streams in 2020. Switching to the medium to entertain fans with his LP Acts show, as like every other recording artist he couldn’t tour due to covid.

This weekend Liam wrapped up his year of live streams with his final act. It was truly a nod to Liam’s past, his present and more excitingly his future.

Support for the show was given by Ross Harris a singer/songwriter who also happens to be Liam’s cousin who is definitely a singer we want to hear more of. Nina Nesbitt, whose 2019 song Toxic we still love and Claire Rosinrankz whose video for her track Backyard Boy is brilliant.

Liam’s nod to his past in the Final Act came in the form of an entire One Direction setlist. Having already asked the fans which tracks they’d like to hear him do, He put together an extremely varied list of tracks, many of which he’d never sang without the rest of his bandmates being present. And of course, he delivered putting his own spin on tracks that fans have loved for many years. Liam has always been extremely open about how hard he finds it to sing 1D songs as he finds himself missing his bandmates Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn so it’s always interesting when any of them do 1D tracks to see how they turn a track which was written with 4/5 vocalists in mind, into one that just one vocalist does.


Out of the eight 1D tracks he sang we loved his takes on 18 and Strong, as those are two 1D tracks that are so underrated it’s criminal and deserves far more recognition then they saw previously. We also like that both Liam and bandmate Louis are giving Through The Dark the love it deserves as it’s such a powerful track. You & I was extremely special as he got the fans involved in the song and it became quite emotional. The 1D set overall was a particularly important moment in the show as Liam’s time in the band was the biggest learning experience, helping him to become the phenomenal performer he is today.

Then Liam moved on to the present. His own material, which reminded us he’s released some absolute bangers over the past few years. He gave us a slight surprise by performing For You with Nina Nesbitt. Their voices complementing each other, Nina’s voice is beautiful.

As his final act liam got the balance just right. The nod to his past, something he will remain forever grateful for. As it’s afforded him the chance to do what he loves. A look at the present and all his achievements he’s accomplished as a solo artist. And a look to the future. A future which is bright with the promise of new music from Liam and something we know that will see Liam continue to wow audiences and show the world why he’s an exceptionally talented performer and songwriter.

What was your favourite part from Liam’s Final Act livestream? Let us know on Twitter!

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