Here’s to the Future, Liam Payne announces a new Veeps Show

Liam Payne became the king of Veep shows during the pandemic. He’s now announced another entitled Liam Payne: Artist Showcase Here’s to the Future.

According to the newsletter Liam has sent out to his fans, the show will showcase new artists that he likes and we may not have heard of. This is a great idea and has us very excited to potentially expand our playlists and appreciate some new talent.

We are all for artists giving other artists platforms when they can, so it’s great that Liam is doing a Veeps show dedicated to just that. He will be announcing the lineup of artists who will be performing. on his socials over the next week. The performances will be from all over the world.

He has also said he may do an intimate set of his own songs. We can’t help but wonder does this mean we could potentially get to hear some of the new music he has been hinting at?

Liam over lockdown really lifted the spirits of his fans with his regular Veep shows which always gave fans something to look forward to. They were a chance to sing and dance to great music and just forget.

Memorable ones include Liam choosing to spend his birthday hosting a show…. and who can forget the amazing Halloween show he did, complete with some brilliant fancy dress?

Liam Payne - Just one week to go until #TheLPShow Act 3 ☠️ Get your tickets  now and join me for an unforgettable Halloween! | Facebook
Liam Payne - Posts | FacebookLiam Payne - Be honest did you jump? 🤣 | Facebook

Here’s to the Future, Liam Payne’s Artist Showcase is happening on 31 July at 8pm BST Via Veep Get your tickets here!

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