Love being creative? Liam Payne wants your fan art to show off to the world

Liam Payne who last year made lockdown more bearable by becoming the king of live streams, is once again making his fans happy.

This time is asking for his fans help. Having seen just how talented many of his fanbase is, he’s asking for fans to send in their fan art as he’s working on as of the moment a top secret project, which he says will show the world just how amazing and creative his fans are.

Over the past few years, many artists including Little Mix, Louis Tomlinson and The Script have actively been recognising just how much talent is in their fanbases and have actively been sharing fan art on their socials and some cases on their Spotify accounts.

Liam is a huge fan of drawing himself and often posts pieces he’s been working on for his fans to see on his Insta. So it’s clear whatever the project he is working on to include and show off his fans talents. Is on that is super personal and meaningful to him. And highlights the recognition he gives his fans having previously seen some of the beautiful art they have done.

If you love Liam and want to share your work with then you need to upload it Twitter and use the #LPFanArt.

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