Why you need to subscribe to Dylan Efron’s YouTube channel

If you are looking for a new YouTube channel to subscribe to, then may we suggest you take a look at Dylan Efrons. Yes you may have heard the name. Last year he appeared in and helped to produce Zac Efron‘s hugely popular Netflix series Down To Earth. He also happens to be Zac’s younger brother.

His credentials behind the scenes in the film and TV industry speak for themselves. Graduating from college with a degree in Economics, Dylan moved to Los Angeles taking a job at Warner Bros studios which saw him work as an assistant to executive producer Ravi Metha on a variety of projects including Get Hard, CHIPS, Unforgettable and A Star Is Born. It was here he further developed his love and passion for producing. He also wrote a yet to be televised script for Lifetime, about a love triangle gone wrong.

He quit his job and moved to the beach and began creating his own content as well as working with his brothers production company Ninjas Runnin’ Wild to produce projects like Down To Earth.

Late last year Dylan who is a huge fan of out door sports and anything that allows him to explore nature, launched his own Youtube channel and it’s one you really need to subscribe if you don’t already.

A keen content creator Dylan posts a lot of his outdoor pursuits and adventures on his Insta. So it seemed natural for him to turn to YouTube and post longer and more in-depth content. And he hasn’t disappointed with what he’s released so far.

He premiered a new series ‘Flow State’ in partnership with Firestone Walker exclusively on his YouTube channel.

His aim with his YouTube channel and the content he said in an interview with US celeb entertainment site Just Jared JR was to: “motivate people to get outside and have fun. It helps my mental health. I think a lot of us feel like we need to work harder, achieve more, and chase a fancy title — when really life is all about the people you surround yourself with and the memories you make with them.”

You can subscribe to Dylan’s YouTube channel here!