KID: A History of the Future by Sebastian De Souza is 600 pages of pure brilliance!

 KID: A History of the Future is the debut YA novel by actor and screen-writer, Sebastian de Souza. Sebastian, who recently starred in Channel 4’s Golden Globe-nominated comedy-drama The Great alongside Elle Fanning and fellow Skins alumni Nicholas Hoult – has been building KID’s intricate universe for the past five years, inspired by the young climate change activists making politicians sit up and listen. It is activist fiction with a call to arms: to bring climate change back to the top of our agenda, to ‘log out’ from our dependence on social media and technology – a call to live life not through the phones in our palms, but to be resourceful, be creative, be imaginative. To keep the human spirit thriving.

London, 2060: Following a series of deadly pandemics, devastating environmental disasters and a violent surge in cyber-terrorism, the UN has made it compulsory for every tax-paying citizen to login to the Perspecta Universe: a totally safe, pollution-free, environmentally friendly virtual reality world.

Eighteen years later, ‘The Upload’ is complete, and billions of people all around the world exist in massive
dormitory complexes surrounding the major cities, all totally unconscious of the crumbling world around them. Apart
from the renegades, the ‘Offliners’ who live in London’s silent wasteland, making the disused Piccadilly Circus Tube
station their home: a fully self-sufficient, subterranean community.

When Josh ‘Kid’ Jones, a young Offliner, discovers that an antiquated piece of technology called an ‘iPhone left to him by
his father seems able to communicate with the past through social media. He strikes up a friendship with Isabel Parry, a
A 16-year-old living in 2021, and the two begin communicating through time and space via Instagram. But what Kid and
Izzy don’t realise is that by doing so they are not only changing their own fate, but also the fate of the rest of the world…

KID is an absolutely stunning debut from Sebastian de Souza. ( A huge thanks to Ashley and the team at Midas PR for including us in the blog tour.) It’s 600+ pages of pure and utter brilliance. You might be thinking 600 pages is a lot but with this book, it really isn’t. It draws you in from the first page and sucks you into the Offliner world so when you reach the end, you want more and aren’t quite ready to leave it all behind.

It has one of the most detailed and fleshed out worlds we’ve seen an author create in a long time. You can tell that Sebastian cares about and thought about every little detail of the Offliner world. What makes KID brilliant but also slightly uncomfortable given the pandemic we are currently in the midst of is how it mixes technology we use now with technology that could be developed as it’s not too far advanced from what we use now. It has scarily accurate realism and it makes it a thought-provoking read. While predominantly marketed at the YA audience it’s a book readers of all ages can enjoy.

KID is the first book in the Offliner trilogy and we cannot wait to read the next one. If you love dystopian novels then this is an absolute must-read.

You can find out more about the Offliner world here.

KID : A History of the Future is available now from: | Waterstones | Hive | Amazon

You can also order from one of our fave Indie booksellers West End Lane Books where you can get it signed and dedicated to you.

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