Inner Alchemy by Zulma Reyo is an interesting read with easy to follow exercises

Inner Alchemy is not aimed at goals of self-improvement removed from daily life and ordinary things; it addresses those who are keen to see change happen and know that this begins with themselves. It appeals to those who would like to see a transformation emerging naturally from within – leading to the rebuilding of a more humane society.

For those who want to deepen their understanding of the world we live in, for those who want to see change happen and know that this begins with themselves, Inner Alchemy offers a path to inner peace, meaning, purpose, joy and wisdom.

In this practical guide to consciousness, you will discover key concepts relating to energetic work, such as chakras and the seven rays, as well as dimensional and astral realms, and karma, gratitude, and dreams. Over 45 visualisations, meditations and exercises, many beautifully illustrated, will enable you to reap the benefits for your spiritual wellbeing as well as your physical and mental health, and your relationships, contributing to a shift from self-importance to universal connection.

Inner Alchemy reveals your true power, intelligence and the impact you can have upon the world, helping you learn that personal transformation is a way of securing social and world change. It shows you the way and gives you the keys so that you may walk your path in wholeness.

I wanted Inner Alchemy to include issues and concepts that were not all that relevant in the past, but now are more important than ever, if we are to change this world beginning by the way we think and perceive reality,” Zulma says. “I hope it will provide clarity concerning our innermost needs and queries today, as we walk through one of the most challenging years for the entire world in recent history.”

An interesting and thought provoking read, Inner Alchemy isn’t a life changing read. More it equips you with the tools to look with more clarity at the world around you and decide what you need for it. And if you aren’t getting what you need from it, how you can do that. It’s not one of those quick fix self help books. An introspective look that challenges and guides it’s reader to look at ones self.

What’s fascinating about the principles taught within the book is they can be applied to every aspect of your life. Home, work, school, relationships.

You can get a copy of Inner Alchemy here!

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