Tally and the Angel by Eleanor Dixon will captivate readers of all ages

Tally and the Angel is the first book in a planned series by author Eleanor Dixon. Each book in this series will take Tally and Jophiel to a different location around the world, where they battle mythical creatures as well as the evil of very humankind. Inspired by Eleanor’s own travels and her fascination with traditions of angels in all cultures.

On the saddest day of her life, Tally discovers that the pendant which belonged to her mother is home to the Angel Jophiel. Tally knows that having her very own angel will change her life forever. Solving mysteries and having adventures with an angel in tow is awesome, right? What could go wrong? But being best friends with an angel doesn’t stop Tally from plunging into great danger when she discovers a deadly plot to destroy India with a gigantic flood. In a race against time beneath the beautiful city of Agra, Tally will need all her own courage and strength as well as Jophiel’s mythical sword to save herself and hundreds of kidnapped children.

Tally and the Angel is a story that will captivate readers of any age. It’s magical, full of beautiful descriptions that make you fully envisage the characters. Makes for interesting talking points with your kids if you read it together at bedtime. It’s a wonderfully wholesome story full of adventure and friendship, and as a reader it makes you want to read more and look forward to the next book in the series.

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