Everything you need to know about Sam Macpherson who will appear on Liam Payne’s show

Sam Macpherson is the first act Liam payne has announced for his “Here’s to the Future” show on Veep which will take place on 31 July.

So we thought we’d let you know everything you need to know about Sam ahead of his appearance on Liam’s Here’s To The Future: Artist Showcase.

Sam Macpherson is 24 year old singer/songwriter from New Jersey. He has been inspired by and around music all his life. Growing up in a musical family both his dad and brother were muscians. His dad travelled the world as a singer/songwriter.

He began playing the piano but didn’t begin to play the guitar serioulsy or write songs until a few years ago.

Sam has released a few singles so far, including the emotive and heartfelt track Routine.

Routine was produced by Sam’s good friend frequent collaborator Andy Seltzer has been gaining popularity on streaming platforms such as Spotify. As did previous single No Bad Memories.

Sam will be releasing his EP later this year. Which is why Liam Payne giving artists like Sam Macpherson a platform by hosting his livestream is a brilliant thing for up an coming artists. As it exposes them to Liam’s large and engaged fanbase who will show the artists lot of love and support.

You can follow Sam on his socials:





You can get tickets for show here!

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