Zac and Dylan Efron sneaking their Grandfather out of his retirement home is the cutest thing

Zac and Dylan Efron teamed up recently to sneakily break their grandfather out of his retirement home.

The fun loving duo decided their grandad needed to watch the euro final with his grandkids. Both Dylan and Zac have been out of the country working.

Zac Efron, brother Dylan 'bust' grandpa out of nursing home for some fun;  adorable video wins hearts on the internet

Zac has been shooting a movie and Dylan has been in Malta working on content for his Youtube channel.

Both have also been in Australia working on the second series of the super popular Netflix show Down to Earth with Zac Efron. Dylan works as a producer on the show as part of his brother’s production company Ninja’s Runnin’ Wild. So this was the perfect time for the duo to spend time with their grandfather.

In the super cute video which is filmed by Dylan, Zac enters the home and stealithy ‘borrows’ one of the staff’s passes to gain access to his grandfather’s room “Let’s bust grandpa out of here,” he says as he crouches down to remain unseen and at one point, showing off how athletic he is by doing a front somersault.

When he finally gained access to his grandfather’s room, he was ready and waiting to spend time with his grandsons.

Let us know if you love the video as much as us on @tbhonest_uk!

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