28 Clothing by Louis Tomlinson is coming soon….

28 Clothing is coming soon…. It’s a new clothing brand from singer/songwriter, festival curator and now fashion designer Louis Tomlinson.

Fans of the Silver Tongues singer have been seeing the brand for months as Louis has been wearing many items from it on both his two world tours, on stage and in his down time.

Rumours of the collection began in 2022 when 28 Clothing was trademarked and Louis began wearing items from the collection more and more with his Louies beginning to take notice that he was was wearing self made designs.

The brands socials also launched around the same time but have been dormant until recently when they were followed by Louis’s stylist Helen Seamons and his manager Matt Vines. It has ramped up the excitement and anticipation for the brand. With actor Kit Connor being seen wearing the brand in a fashion editorial shoot for The Guardian/ Observer, where Helen also works as the menswear fashion editor.

This was the first time the brand had been seen publicly in an editorial shoot on anyone else but Louis who had previously worn a piece from the highly anticipated collection for a photoshoot and interview with Dork Magazine in October 2022.

Louis Tomlinson photographed in 28 Clothing for Dork Magazine in 2022. Photography by Sarah Louise Bennett 

The new brand from Louis is named after his favourite number 28, which he also has tattooed on his hand . It also has a big nod to his home town of Doncaster as one of the flowers used in the motif on the logo is a Yorkshire flower looks like The White Rose of York. Which is a broadly used symbol of Yorkshire, over 20 parishes within Yorkshire( including Louis’s beloved Doncaster) have a coat of arms which includes some variation of it.

The new 28 Clothing collection will focus on comfy hoodies, sweat pants, polo shirts and t-shirts which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Louis has designed a collection that clearly will appeal to many people.

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