ISPS Handa Tour Ambassador Niall Horan meets Amy Bockerstette

Modest! Golf co-founder and ISPS Handa Tour Ambassador Niall Horan recently met huge fan and golfer Amy Bockerstette.

Amy Bockerstette is an extremely talented golfer who has already made a huge and positive impact on the sport both she and Niall love.

Amy is an American collegiate golfer and disabilities advocate for Down Syndrome. She is the first person with Down syndrome to receive an athletic scholarship to attend college and the first person with Down syndrome to compete in a national collegiate championship.

Amy also represents the I Got This Foundation, as a speaker and by attending various charity golf tournaments and fundraising events, where she advocates for inclusion and for people with disabilities.

In June this year, she was named one of two inaugural recipients of the Champion Award by the NJCAA Foundation. The Champion Award was established to honor a member or former member of the NJCAA community who exemplifies resilience, excellence, and passion.

In the video uploaded by ISPS Hand to the Galgorm Castle World Invitational youtube, Amy is seen playing golf and speaking by video call to Brendan Lawler, who then surprises her by having fellow ambassador Niall Horan, who Amy is a big fan of ( she showed Brendan her phone case which was a photo of Niall. Amy was understandably very shocked but was soon chatting away with Niall who has invited her to come and play with him.

You can follow Amy Bockerstette on her Twitter and find out more about the I Got This Foundation, here!