Why we loved Niall Horan hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live

Niall Horan has proved he’s not just a brilliant singer/songwriter and golf player but he could also host his own chat show, after showing a natural flair for it while hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Heartbreak Weather singer/songwriter put on his presenting shoes and stepped in to present the light note show, which saw him interview Lizzo.

And play golf with The Jonas Brothers in one of many hilarious moments throughout the show, which highlighted that Niall could very easily have his own chat show much like Kimmel. He also has great comedic timing.

Hosting Jimmy Kimmel live opened Niall up to a whole new audience who might not have previously known who he was or given his music, much of a listen. It also lets the fans see another side to Niall, one that they’ve only had brief glimpses of over the years that he has been in the public eye. It saw him transform from a fun-loving singer into a chat show host who was utterly professional, creating hilarious content with Lizzo, which went down extremely well with viewers. And was something he seemed to be utterly at ease with.

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