Anne-Marie and Niall Horan release the beautiful Our Song!

We love a good artist collaboration and Anne-Marie and Niall teaming up to release their new single Our Song, is as near perfect as we are going to get.

It’s a song about heartbreak but it’s uplifting and says the things we all need to hear when we’ve had our hearts broken.

It’s that feeling of trying to move on and be strong, but hearing a song, or seeing a place that reminds me you of the person and being swept away in the memory of them.

The video for our song really fits the song. It’s got a summery vintage feel and sees Niall and Anne-Marie driving around in a convertible car, reminiscing about lost love.

It is that one track you blast from the speakers as you drive and one that will easily get stuck in your head and will not leave. It’s beautiful and nostalgic and is everything we think we could ever want from Niall and Anne-Marie paring up. It complements and shows off both artists talents perfectly.

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