Just Passing Through by Daniel Snowman is an intriguing look at modern history

Author of over a dozen books, Daniel Snowman’s long and active life has led him to interact in countless ways with the wider world and with some of its most famous inhabitants. His memoir, Just Passing Through, evokes these experiences via a series of vivid literary vignettes.

Historian and author Daniel Snowman (b. 1938) writes of a Jewish child’s memories of the War, gives colourful inside accounts of life in Cambridge, JFK’s America (including Civil Rights) and the new University of Sussex, of the BBC in its heyday, choral concerts under the world’s top conductors and extended visits to the Arctic and Antarctic. Daniel watches Churchill making one of his final speeches, interviews Harry Truman about Hiroshima, spends a week in Bayreuth with Wagner’s daughter-in-law, meets Pope John-Paul II, Isaiah Berlin and Lord Snowdon, while getting to know Plácido Domingo and the most famous among the ‘Hitler Emigrés’.

Just Passing Through is an intriguing memoir. Daniel Snowman has lived an extraordinary life, meeting many influential people from all walks of life along the way. This is his account of his life, personal reflections on some of the most historically significant events of modern times and it’s a fascinating read that makes you think and challenge your own perceptions.

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