5 Reasons to be proud of Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson is a guy that gives his fans endless reasons to be proud of him, from his work ethic to his kind-hearted nature and ensuring that fans always feel safe and comfortable around with him.

We’ve come up with 5 reasons to be proud of Louis. And before you start shouting at us for only picking 5, when there are so many. Consider yourself a new fan and let this be an education all things Louis Tomlinson and then tell us based off our reasons if you’d stan him or not.

He’s come along way since One Direction

Louis started off his career as a member of the worldwide sensation One Direction. Put together on the talent show X-Factor, Louis went through the X-Factor and the bands the first couple of albums not having many solos and feeling like he didn’t make much of contribution.

For the band’s third album he pushed for the band to have a more creative input and because of this helped to write many of the tracks on Midnight Memories, which remains the bands best-selling album to date and heralded a change in sound for the band which was hugely successful.

He also recently parted ways with Syco Music, the label which was responsible for 1D’s entire career. So it makes us very proud to see him taking control of his career.

He wrote Walls

His debut solo album Walls is an achievement Louis should be proud of and was worth the long wait fans had for it. Released in early 2020, it one of the best selling debut albums of 2020 and he wrote on every single track and it just showcases his utter talent as a lyricist.

He has the biggest heart

Louis used to say to his mum when he was having a bad day and getting particularly negative press or comments on social media “Come on let’s make someone happy.”

From organising charity balls and raising millions to helping people complete their bucket lists, there is no end to how big his heart is. Many of the things he does never gets reportedly publicly either unless it helps raise the profile for an individual or cause.

He released The We Made It: Directors Cut

With the help of the talented Charlie Lightening and a super creative team, Louis conceptualised a three-part story which was just epic about a young couple who were trying to get away from a horrible mobster who was controlling their lives and forcing the male to do things he didn’t want to, out of a sense of loyalty.

He then went one step further and released the directors cut which was 15 minutes long, a short film essentially. Which just further highlighted how emotionally manipulative the “baddie” was. But ultimately the couple “made it”. It’s well worth a watch. And makes us very proud to see how far Louis has come as an artist.

His relationship with his fans

Louis has an extraordinary and very strong relationship with his fans. They are unfailingly loyal, not afraid to banter with him. He once said he sees their relationship as teamwork. He constantly thanks them and is extremely kind, caring and supportive when he gets to meet them. Always making sure he’s spoken to as many people as he can and giving them his undivided attention. He even released a song Just Like You for them.

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