Happy Birthday Liam Payne: 5 of his best Youtube videos

If you didn’t already know it’s Liam Payne’s birthday. He’s celebrating by spending the evening with his fans hosting The LP Show Act 2.

The LP Show Act 2 is the hugely popular follow up to the aptly titled The LP Show Act 1, which basically cemented Liam as the king of live streams.

To celebrate his birthday we thought we’d take a look back at 5 of his best Youtube videos.

We aren’t going to lie most of our picks are from Liam’s weekly wrap up series because they are utter genius and pretty much saved lockdown.

Karaoke with Adam Sandler, music and old footage

Episode 5 of Liam’s weekly round up was just so much fun to watch. It’s one thing we’ve loved about the entire series is that it never fails to make us smile. If you are in a bad mood, watch one and it will change how you feel entirely.

1D Trivia and Harry Potter

Also known as the video Liam Payne cemented himself as the best person on Youtube ever and made everyone have feels because he was such a cute dad talking about his son.

“I’m Gonna Egg Your House”

We have nothing other to say then this video is iconic…..

One Direction Memories

Liam Payne reminiscing about his time in One Direction and talking about all the phenomenal achievements and fun that he and his bands mates, Harry, Louis, Niall and Zayn got up to. It’s a no brainer that this had to be included.

Dinner in the Sky

The whole concept of Dinner in the Sky is pretty cool, although you definitely need to have a stomach for heights. Liam’s narration and the reactions of his friends and family make this video a really lovey one to watch.

Happy Birthday Liam! Thanks for the endless hours of Youtube videos. You never fail to put us in a good mood.

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