Guilty Women by Melanie Blake is a rollercoaster read that you won’t want to end

Guilty Women is the latest book from best selling author Melanie Blake, it follows on from her previous release Ruthless Women.

Can they get away with murder?

On a beautiful island off the English coast, four TV actresses gather.
Their fifth member is missing – and only they know why she was killed.
As the secret between them threatens to come out, tensions on set run high.
The women are determined that the show must go on – no matter what it costs.
But one of them is on the edge of telling the truth – and no show in the world could survive this scandal…

All of the women have something to hide – but the question is, are they all guilty?

The cast of RUTHLESS WOMEN is back – but this time they’re in trouble…

Guilty Women is the type of book you clear your schedule to read. It’s the book you open to read just one chapter before bed then look up to see it’s 3 am, you’ve been up all night reading and you’ve finished it.

You don’t necessarily have to have read Ruthless Women to read this and understand the plot because Melanie does a fantastic job of recapping. The story picks up back in Falcon Bay just mere weeks after the jaw-dropping conclusion of Ruthless Women( it gets recapped in Guilty Women and we are not about to spoil it). From the first page, the shocks start coming thick and fast, behind the scenes on a fictional tv show has way more drama than what you actually see on screen.

In true Melanie Blake style, she takes you down one path and you think you have the entire story figured out only for her to throw in an almighty curveball at the end as she does yet again at the end of Guity Women.

If you like books that keep you up all night reading and are full of drama, backstabbing and lots of delicious bitchiness then you have to read this.

Guilty Women will be released in hardback via Harper Collins on 28 April 2022, you can get a copy here!

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