Ruthless Women by Melanie Blake will have you up all night!

Bestselling author and agent to the stars Melanie Blake is bringing back the bonkbuster with her new novel Ruthless Women. More shocking than Jackie Collins, sexier than 50 Shades, and more fun than Jilly Cooper, Ruthless Women is the perfect antidote to lockdown, who needs sex when you have Melanie Blake’s Ruthless Women for company, it will keep you up all night, satisfy you and has the added advantage you don’t have to put up with snoring or the awkward morning small talk.

Ruthless Women takes readers on a wild ride behind the scenes of beloved TV drama Falcon Bay, beamed globally to millions three days a week from its picturesque location in the Channel Islands. But even in this beautiful coastal spot, tensions swirl. Once one of the world’s most popular soap operas, but now with ratings and syndication at an all-time low, the production has been sold to an American businesswoman, beautiful and malevolent Madeline Kane, the new network owner who arrives on the tiny island just off Jersey, determined to do whatever it takes to get the show back to number one.  

Writer Farrah, star Catherine and producer Amanda are the driven, ambitious women who keep the show on the road. But Farrah is losing episodes to the network’s lead male rival, Catherine is terrified of the public falling out of love with her and Amanda’s evil husband Jake, vice president of the network, is plotting to get his own wife kicked off the show.

As the dawn of a new era begins, cast and crew turn against each other with loyalty, decency, and trust, replaced by scandal, betrayal, and an outrageous ambition to survive.

In a true battle of the sexes, these women will do anything to stay on top. But can they team up to bring down their male rivals? Or will jealousy, betrayal and revenge tear their long-held friendships apart?

As the story reaches a climax so shocking readers will be talking about it for decades, one thing is certain: only the most ruthless woman will survive…

Here at TBH we are so lucky and fortunate to have built up relationships with some of the best book PR’s in the past year. And have been part of some fantastic tours. But we have never replied to an email as quickly as we did when Bei from the wonderful team at Midas asked us if we wanted to be part of the blog tour for Melanie Blake’s latest and highly anticipated release Ruthless Women we jumped at the chance.

Melanie is a tour de force when it comes to writing, from her first novel The Thunder Girls which focuses on a fictional reunion of a girl band from the ’80s which was a bestseller, and was turned in to a sold-out, critically acclaimed theatre production, to Ruthless Women, Melanie writes about what she knows and what she’s lived first hand, during her hugely successful career as a music manager and one of the UK’s most successful talent agents.

Ruthless Women is a roller coaster of a book. From the first sentence you thrown fully into the world of Falcon Bay, it’s cast and it’s crew. Every character has their own story, strong and forceful personalities which with Melanie’s talent for telling a story and crafting it with carefully chosen words, jump off the page, It’s a story you can vividly see unfolding in your mind’s eye. Every comment, every look a character gives holds some deeper meaning that maybe not be apparent when you first read it but later it clicks and you find yourself understanding something you didn’t know you needed to.

It’s a daring and brave undertaking to publish a novel that exposes the underbelly of what goes on behind the scenes of a much-loved ( albeit fictional) soap. Melanie draws on her own career looking after some of the UK’s top actors and actresses in some of the biggest soaps like Eastenders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street. She has seen it all. And now she’s lifting the lid on the sex ( and the women in this book have some amazing sex) the bitching, the sexism, she’s laying it all out, while highlighting just how powerful women are and how they too can hold top positions in the industry and be as successful if not more so then their male counterparts. Regardless of age. Life doesn’t stop when you reach 40, in fact, it’s just beginning as Melanie and the women in this book highlight so well. It shows the ambition, love and dedication many have to the shows they work on and just what lengths the women who live and breathe Falcon Bay would go to stay with the show they adore.

Reading Ruthless Women you feel like you are on the set of Falcon Bay watching it all happen, watching the women navigate their lives, some of them grow wonderfully as the story progresses, others start off with good morals and become slightly morally corrupt all in the name of the show they live and breathe. Each woman has a journey and something you cannot help but identify with, as they fight tooth and nail with each other and the men who think they rule the entire production all the way to a jaw-dropping conclusion that you will not see coming.

Ruthless Women is a book you will not forget, its one that will be on your bookshelf for many years and one that every time you pick up it will feel like the first time and sweep you away back into Falcon Bay.

Melanie will be launching the book alongside two of TVs leading ladies Coleen Nolan and Beverly Callard who will be spilling the beans on their own personal lives for a digital book launch “Melanie Blake’s Girls Night in” that members of the public can buy tickets to for £10 including a copy of the book.

A Girls Night In With Melanie Blake | Projects | Fane

Released on 18th February, via Head of Zesus, you can get a copy here!

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