‘Windows of Time’ is a beautiful and thought-provoking album from Asher Monroe

Asher Monroe is back with his third studio album ‘Windows of Time’. It’s an album he began teasing last year with the release of the cinematic and catchy ‘Midnight Masquerade’ and the beautiful ‘Try Me ‘. Both tracks earned wide critical acclaim from huge industry names like Elton John. Both tracks were championed by BBC Radio 2 in the UK, making it onto their playlists.

He even did a live gig at The Crazy Coqs in London to showcase the album. And now ‘Windows of Time’ is out in the world for all to hear and fall in love with.

‘Windows of Time’ is a concept album, that takes the listener on a journey. It’s a journey that will differ every time you listen to it. As dependent on your mood when you listen you will connect with a different lyric each time.

The 8 tracks on the album are all very different, though they all highlight Asher’s soulful and strong voice. Production on the album is pretty stripped back compared to Asher’s previous albums. ‘Windows of Time’ lets Asher’s lyrical and vocal delivery speak for themselves. A piano and string-based album it’s a very soothing and relaxing listen.

‘Wanderlust’, the album opener invites you to go on a journey, a journey with Asher or one of your own that involves a lot of introspection.

‘Why Do You Love Me’, is Asher at his most vulnerable, both vocally and lyrically as he delves deep inside himself, questioning not only himself but why someone else loves him. It’s beautiful and a track that stays with you long after you’ve finished listening to it.

On this album Asher does not shy away confronting truths about himself, examining his own personal growth, in a way which is uplifting and resonates with listener because they too can connect with his lyrics, even if their reasons are different to why he wrote the tracks.

‘Windows of Time’ is ultimately a different journey every time you listen and one you will find yourself going on for years to come as it’s a timeless body of work.

You can also catch Asher on the new season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and you can connect with him on Instagram!

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