Emma Corrin to star in ORLANDO on the West End

Emma Corrin is to star in a new adaptation of ORLANDO on the West End.

The new adaptation of ORLANDO is being adapted from the Virginia Woolfe novel by Neil Bartlett and directed by Michael Grandage.

Talking about the new adaptation Michael says:

“Nothing is ever longer one thing“Neil Bartlett’s joyous new adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando dances through time and gender, challenging us to remember that nothing really matters except the courage to be yourself. It is one of the most surprising stories in the English language, and with its inspiring vision of all bodies having equal rights to love, I’m delighted that MGC is returning to the West End with Emma Corrin to bring this timely story to a whole new audience.

Emma Corrin is one of the most versatile talents in the UK, who is probably best known for portraying a young Lady Diana Spencer in Netflix‘s hit series The Crown. Emma has previously worked with Michael Grandage on the upcoming movie My PoliceMan which also stars Harry Styles, and is already being tipped for award success.

ORLANDO ‘The longest and most charming love letter in literature, playfully constructs the figure of Orlando as the fictional embodiment of Woolf’s close friend and lover, Vita Sackville-West. Spanning three centuries, the novel opens as Orlando, a young nobleman in Elizabeth’s England, awaits a visit from the Queen and traces his experience with his first love as England under James I lies locked in the embrace of the Great Frost.

At the midpoint of the novel, Orlando, now an ambassador in Constantinople, awakes to find that he is a woman, and the novel indulges in farce and irony to consider the roles of women in the 18th and 19th centuries.

As the novel ends in 1928, a year consonant with full suffrage for women. Orlando, now a wife and mother, stands poised at the brink of a future that holds new hope and promise for women.

You can sign for priority booking for the show, here!

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