Dancing With the Devil by Matthew Jones is a fast-paced and engaging thriller

Dancing with the Devil is the latest book from author Matthew Jones. Matthew has just turned 61. He has always been an avid reader. Married with 3 children (and a grandchild). He is a consultant paediatric and neonatal surgeon at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.

A wealthy oligarch, a failing business and a man who sacrificed everything for one final shot at freedom.

When Danny accepts a job from wealthy Conrad Szekely to spy on his business partner, Jerry, he finds himself in a world of trouble. Within days of Danny’s arrival, the business is destroyed in a catastrophic fire, which also claims Jerry’s life.

Torn between conflicting interests, Danny starts to suspect that Jerry’s business had been anything but straightforward and finds himself trapped in a spiral of treachery and lies, which rapidly begins to degenerate into a cat-and-mouse chase across the fens.

With former allies turning violently against him, Danny tries to solve the mystery that surrounds Jerry’s death. But can Danny find the answers when those answers themselves prove lethal?

Dancing with the devil is a fast-paced and engaging thriller. The first few chapters really set up the story and let you get to know the characters so that you really invest in them as the plot begins to unfold.

It’s one of those thrillers that is really satisfying to read as wanting to find out what happens next compels you to keep reading. Has lots of unpredictable twists and a wonderful finale.

Until 10th February, the paperback can be purchased directly from Troubador with a 25% discount for only £7.49 using this code at checkout – RRRDANCING

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