The Seven Destinies Of Love by Claudia De Llano is a calming and insightful read

The Seven Destinies Of Love is the debut novel from author and marriage and family therapist, Claudia de Llano.

Countless psychological models help us understand human, personal and relational development, but very few teach us about love. Marriage and Family Therapist Claudia de Llano, M.A., has outlined a groundbreaking new framework that will change our perspective on how we awaken and understand our hearts.

In The Seven Destinies of Love, Claudia guides readers through the stages of love through which we must evolve from the moment we’re born until our lives come to an end. She gently peels back the layers of love within us, the ones we need to understand and cultivate to move toward spiritual awakening and strengthen our relationships with ourselves, others and the universe.

The Seven Destinies Of Love by Claudia De Llano is a beautiful debut from an author who uses everything they’ve learnt throughout their career to impart wisdom and give advice, creating an enjoyable, insightful calming read. We read this book and curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea. we explored Soul Love, Embodied Love, Connected Love, Ancestral Love, Spiritual Love, Awakening Love and Amaranthine Love. Each has it’s own chapter. We found the entire book helpful, especially the sections in which you can learn and write things down.

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