How To Die Famous by Benjamin Dean is a deliciously scandalous read

How To Die Famous is the latest book from award-winning author Benjamin Dean.

London-born Abel has landed the role of a lifetime for an upcoming blockbuster. On the face of it he’s Hollywood’s latest teen star, but below the surface, he’s an undercover journalist on a mission to expose the ‘squeaky clean’ entertainment industry and the part they played in his brother’s ‘accidental’ death.

As Abel steps into the spotlight alongside fellow actors Lucky, Ryan and Ella, he soon discovers that beneath the glittering surface of fame and riches lies a darker world of secrecy, scandal and murder. Nobody is who they seem when the cameras are off, and everybody has something to hide. But who’s next in line to die famous? 

How To Die Famous is a book you will read in one sitting. It’s deliciously scandalous. It keeps you on your toes and is a wild and unpredictable ride behind the scenes of the celebrity world we all love to read about. Benjamin Dean draws on his knowledge from his time as a celebrity journalist to create a jaw-dropping and addictive read.

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