Louis Tomlinson Partners With Samsung for his Tour Announcement Video

Louis Tomlinson is the king of partnerships. Just ask his Louies, they’ve been in one with him for over 10 years now. Recently though he’s partnered up with Samsung to film his tour announcement video.

In the video we see a laid back and very chilled looking Louis having a meeting with his manager Matt Vines, as they discuss the finalised scheduling for his upcoming 2022 world tour.

Something that would have taken a lot of work behind the scenes to do, as the newly released dates are the third attempt at the tour. As Louis’s original tour had to be postponed due to Covid-19, and then again this year.

Louis uses the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 to look at the calendar with the new dates on. He comments that he likes the scheduling of his Wembley Arena show which is followed by a show in his beloved home town of Doncaster. Matt informs him that if he agrees to use previous imagery, all that’s left for him to do is to film the announcement video.

Using the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, Louis utilises the phones unique folding feature, “Flex Mode” that lets you fold Galaxy Z Fold2 5G at an angle and hold it any way you like to make the screen bigger in order to film the video.

It’s easy to see why Louis partnered with Samsung and used the Galaxy Z Fold 2 to make his tour announcement, as the video capabilities on the phone are next level. “It’s video camera-level focus, now on the revolutionary smartphone. Simply tap on the Auto framing icon and it follows you or your subject to keep you centered and in focus. And if more people come in, it widens the view so they’re included in frame

The partnership with Samsung is the next step in an exciting new chapter for Louis after he announced he’s working with BMG as an independent artist on his second album.

You can find out more info abut the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 here.

Are you excited for the new independent era for Louis? Let us know on @TBHONEST_UK!

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