Anne Twist’s Betty and the Mysterious Visitor will delight readers for years to come

Anne Twist has released her debut Children’s book, Betty and the Mysterious Visitor. Anne who raised her own (now grown up) children, Gemma and Harry Styles, telling them stories wanted to create a story which younger and older readers could enjoy and spend precious time together with.

Betty loves visiting Grandma and playing in her beautiful garden, Acorn Hollows. It is her most favourite place in the whole world!

Together they tend to Grandma’s wildflowers and berry bushes, and even make jam to sell at the local farmers market.

But when a mysterious creature starts destroying the Hollows, Betty is determined to find a way to stop it. Can she come up with a plan to save their beloved garden?

Image from “Betty and the Mysterious Visitor” illustrations by Emily Sutton

Betty and the Mysterious Visitor is a joyous and heartwarming read that will resonate with readers young and older for different reasons. For younger readers it’s the mysterious visitor to the garden, spotting and identifying all the animals. For older readers it’s the nostalgia of spending precious time with grandparents and loved ones, seeing their own younger family and friends discovering the love of reading through Anne’s beautiful story and Emily’s joyous illustrations bringing it to life.

It’s a book that will delight and bring families together for story time for many years to come!

You can get a copy of Betty and the Mysterious Visitor here!

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