Gemma Styles to host an episode Curio’s ‘Planet for Tomorrow’, a new series on Climate Anxiety

Gemma Styles is to host the first episode of a brand new four-part audio series for Curio. ‘Planet for Tomorrow’ focused on climate anxiety, direct action and perfectionism. 

Curio is the platform to listen to narrated journalism from the world’s top publications and original series. Founded in 2016 by Govind Balakrishnan (ex-BBC strategist) and Srikant Chakravarti (a former solicitor), Curio is on a mission to change the way busy people consume news stories and ideas – promising to cut through the noise and click-bait headlines. 

The first episode of Planet for Tomorrow’ Gemma Styles on eco-perfectionism, explores collective and individual environmental action, the pressure of perfectionism and climate anxiety. It will be hosted exclusively on Curio, a platform that enables listeners to access narrated journalism from the world’s top publications and original series.

Gemma speaks to guests including Anna Hughes, Director of Flight Free UK, and Sophia Li, climate journalist and filmmaker about the personal changes they’re making in relation to travel, having children and consumerism.

Together with her guests, Gemma will explore the changes people and businesses are making in international travel, population control and consumerism as populations attempt to lower the impact humans are having on the planet.

Talking about ‘Planet for Tomorrow’ Gemma said ““As ‘climate anxiety’ becomes a staple in environmental conversations, striking the right balance between alienating perfectionism and the urgent need to do what is best for the planet has perhaps never been more important.

As part of the research and recording for this episode I spoke to some of the people who are going to incredible lengths to make direct change – from quitting flying to choosing to not have children – and to those who argue change doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Hearing their nuanced perspectives has been really valuable in my own relationship with sustainability and I hope it will offer the same for listeners.”

Gemma is no stranger to using her platform to talk about important topics. She is the host of the award-winning podcast, Good Influence, Gemma invites discussion on topics that we should be familiar with, from mental health to sustainability and feminism. After three successful seasons, Gemma has reached over 900k downloads and won ‘Podcast of the Year’ at the 2022 Blogosphere Awards. She is also an MQ Ambassador, committed to using her voice to raise awareness of global issues she is passionate about.

‘Planet for Tomorrow’ will launch exclusively on Curio on 20 April 2023!

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