Her Last Lie by J.S Lark is a suspense-filled addictive read

Her Last Lie is the latest book by J.S Lark, the Kindle bestselling author of The Twins and The Secret Couple.

When the body of Jen’s teenage son, Eli, is found at the edge of a lake, her shock and grief are overwhelming. She feels guilty because she wasn’t at home the night he was killed.

As the police investigation intensifies, and her son’s estranged father reappears in her life, Jen hides a secret, while yearning to know what really happened.

Soon she begins to wonder if her son’s friends are hiding something. And after she learns that Eli had a girlfriend it becomes more and more difficult to separate the truth from the lies…Did her son have a secret life she knew nothing about?

And can she unlock the truth about what happened to Eli on that fateful night before someone else hurt?

Her Last Lie is a suspense-filled addictive read that really showcases a mother’s grief as they try to come to terms with losing a child.

The plot is intricately woven so it sensitively deals with the subject of grief while also keeping the reader in supense as it unfolds. Much like Jen you do not who to trust throughout. A fantastic and very original read.

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