5 Romantic Mills and Boons books for the weekend

We love curling up with a good book and losing ourselves in it for a few hours. So we’ve come up with a list of 5 of the most romantic Mills and Boons books that you could read if you fancy a little romance in your life this weekend.

A Will, A Wish, A Wedding by Kate Hardy

When Hugo Grey’s aunt leaves her house to Alice Walters – a complete stranger! He is baffled. Especially as the will states Hugo must help Alice convert it into a butterfly centre! He and Alice clash over everything, except his attraction to the captivatingly feisty butterfly expert which is hard to ignore…

A Will, A Wish, A Wedding (Mills & Boon True Love) by [Kate Hardy]

A Will, A Wish, A Wedding is the read for you if you love curling up with a book to while away an afternoon. If characters who develop tremendously as the story develops is your thing then give this book a read.

You can get your copy of A Will, A Wish, A Wedding which is out now via Mills and Boons, here.

Confessions Of An Italian Marriage by Dani Collins

He’s back to reclaim her… But where has he been? What do you do when your husband goes missing? Flush him out by pretending to marry again! Billionaire Giovanni’s dramatic return forces Freja to confront the deep hurt she felt at his desertion…and the sparks that continue to fly between them… Giovanni had to go into hiding to protect his new bride, but he’s shocked by the consequences his mysterious past had on Freja. Now he’ll have to let her in closer than he’s allowed anyone before if he’s to save the whirlwind marriage he’s suddenly so compelled to fight for!

Confessions Of An Italian Marriage (Mills & Boon Modern)

Confessions Of An Italian Marriage has an engrossing and original storyline that keeps you hooked. Dani Collin’s creates characters you invest in and root for.

You can get a copy of the book here, which is out now via Mills and Boons.

The Return Of The Disappearing Duke

A scarred mercenary…

Or the Disappearing Duke of Greybourne?

Rafe has spent years running from his true identity. He’s a lone wolf, living far from aristocratic England and his violent father. Then unconventional Cleopatra Osbourne requests his protection as she crosses the Egyptian desert. In Cleo he discovers a fellow outcast – and a fierce desire! Cleo must return to London, and here lies Rafe’s dilemma – because following his heart means claiming the title he’s avoided for so long!

The Return Of The Disappearing Duke (Mills & Boon Historical) (The Return of the Rogues) by [Lara Temple]

The Return Of The Disappearing Duke by Lara Temple has an interesting and action-packed plot. Characters who create sparks with not just each other as their chemistry sizzles but with the reader who can’t help but invest in their individual stories.

You can get a copy of the book here, it’s out now via Mills and Boons.

The Vets Secret Son

Returning for forgiveness…
Staying as a father

When Lucas Williams was forced to walk away from Ellie Stone, he knew he was giving up on their dreams of opening a veterinary practice together. Now he’s back and hoping to make amends. But he’s not surprised by how successful Ellie’s become, or that their powerful connection has endured. The surprise is that when he left six years ago, Ellie was pregnant – with his son!

The Vet’s Secret Son is a very vivid read, descriptions and events make it feel as if you are stood watching them unfold rather than reading about them. Which shows the strength Annie O’Neil has a writer. Very enjoyable read.

The book is out now via Mills and Boons, get a copy here.

Would I Lie To The Duke?

Jessica McGale’s family business desperately needs investors and she’s determined to succeed at any cost. But she knows London’s elite will never look twice at a humble farm girl like herself. Posing as “Lady Whitfield,” however, places her in the orbit of wealthy, powerful people—most notably the Duke of Rotherby. His influence and support could save her company, but Jess never expected the effect he’d have on her.

Society thinks Noel is a notorious, carefree duke who dabbles in investments, but there’s a side to him that only his closest friends see. When he crosses paths with Lady Whitfield at a business bazaar, his world tilts on its axis. She’s brilliant and compelling, and brings him to his knees like no woman has before. Trust is difficult for Noel, but Jess makes him believe anything is possible. . .

As time ticks down on her Cinderella scheme, the thought of achieving her goal at Noel’s expense breaks Jess’s heart. He doesn’t just want her now, he wants her forever. But will her secret end their future before it begins?

Would I Lie to the Duke by Eva Leigh is a historical romance which is cleverly structured to include moments and topics which are still incredibly relatable today. Making it an interesting and fun read.

It’s out now via Mills and Boons, grab your copy here.

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