Darcy Coates Whispers in the Mist is a suspense-filled read

Whispers in the Mist by Darcy Coates in the perfect thing to read curled up on the sofa with a roaring fire, blanket and nice warm beverage.

The mist is full of evil things–dark, twisted beings that think only of their own hunger–but Clare has clawed her way through. She and Dorran are alive against all odds, though relief is only temporary. Dorran is sick, and declining fast. The only way to save him lies in the mysterious Evandale Research Station, supposedly one of the few remaining places safe from the predators that lurk in the shadows. But the station is a three days’ journey away, and it’s unlikely their small group can endure that long out in the dark.

Because the danger they’re facing comes not only from the ravenous hollow ones… but from each other.

This terrible new world has left scars, and the people left behind in it are nearly unrecognizable. As Clare fights to protect her ragtag family, she begins to realize a horrible truth: not everyone can be saved. And sometimes the worst monsters wear a human smile.

Whispers in the Mist is the third book in the Dark Winter series. It follows on from Voices in the Snow (Book 1) and Secrets in the Dark (Book 2). It tells carries on the story of Clare and Dorran.

While part of a series and it would be so much more enjoyable to read the others, you can read Whispers in the Mist as a standalone and follow the plot as Darcy weaves in enough of the back story that you understand what’s happening.

It’s a suspense-filled read that we found impossible to put down we just had to read it in one sitting. We couldn’t stop ourselves. It again goes slightly darker than the last as Clare learns hard but valuable lessons that we’ve all had to learn.

We cannot wait to read the 4th book in the series.

You can get a copy of Whispers in the Mist here.

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