Silence in the Shadows by Darcy Coates shows her strength as a writer

Silence in the Shadows is the fourth book in USA Today bestseller Darcy Coates Black Winter Series. It follows on from  It follows on from Voices in the Snow (Book 1),  Secrets in the Dark (Book 2), Whispers in the Mist  (Book 3).

The world continues to change. Each passing day twists it further and pushes the surviving humans closer to the brink of extinction. But, for the first time, there is hope.

Clare and Dorran set their sights back on Winterbourne Hall. It’s a daunting journey, but vital. Humanity needs more refuges—safe areas where food can be grown without attracting the attention of the hollow ones.

Winterbourne promises to provide that. But their home is no longer a sanctuary…it has become a trap. By the time they realize just how dangerous it is, the door has slammed closed behind them…and their fight for survival is far from over.

Silence in the Shadows maybe the fourth book in the series but you don’t have to have read its predecessors, although it would help. But Darcy’s talent as a writer and knowledge of the world makes it so easy to understand and follow what is happening as Claire and Dorran’s story reaches its gripping climax.

The book keeps you guessing until the end and is a highly emotional and fast paced. It’s an extremely satisfying conclusion to a hugely enjoyable series.

You can get a copy of Silence in the Shadows here.

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