Harry Styles: 1 year of Fine Line

It’s been a whole year since Harry Styles graced the world with his second studio album Fine Line and what a year it’s been.

Following up his hugely successful debut album eponymously named Harry Styles, it was always going to be daunting for Harry and have people wonder could he do as well or better with his second and with Fine Line he smashed it.

He released an album that resonated and connected with people across the world, scoring him a ton of praise and accolades including three Grammy nominations which is huge.

From lead single Lights Up, it was clear Harry was releasing something amazing.

Next came the puzzling but so engaging Eroda. The mystery Island we all just wanted to visit. All very clever marketing for Adore You.

Then came the stunning Falling with an equally emotive and heartfelt video which along with Adore You are two videos we will never get enough of, as visually they are beautiful.

Then we have his big summer hit Watermelon Sugar which was everywhere and was filmed on a beach in Malibu, and was “dedicated to touching.”

And finally, Harry gifted us with Golden, the opening track from Fine Line and a real feel-good song which will always put a smile on your face. The video for Golden was filmed in Italy and really captured the carefree and fun essence of the song.

Harry also released a ton of Fine Line merchandise for fans to buy, as sadly like every other artist his tour has been postponed until 2021 due to Covid.

Let us know what your favourite track from Fineline is over on @TBHONEST_UK

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