Louis Tomlinson Fans Get Defenceless to the number 1 spot

Louis Tomlinson’s fans are a powerful force to be reckoned with. A year after the release of his album Walls, they have got album track Defenceless to the number 1 spot in music charts across the globe.

Louis’s fans are a pretty determined group who when they all work together do pretty amazing things like this. They did something very similar last year which saw Louis entire debut album to number one in multiple countries months after it had been released.

The idea to get Defenceless is a collective effort of many of the Louis Tomlinson Update accounts on Twitter, all working together to get his fans involved in streaming and buying the track.

One of the most popular tracks on Louis chart-topping debut solo album, Defenceless is a firm fan favourite with it’s raw, emotive vocal delivery from Louis which compliment it’s heartfelt, deeply personal and vulnerable lyrics.

It is the first none single of Louis’s to reach number 1 worldwide. It’s a fantastic achievement and something that not only Louis can be proud of but one that his fans can be equally proud of as they did that. Working together they got it to the top of the charts globally shows that Louis Tomlinson’s fans are a truly unique, creative and unstoppable force when they collectively put their minds to a common goal.

Are you as proud of Louis’s fans as we are? Let us know on Twitter!

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