Louis Tomlinson parts way with Syco Music

Louis Tomlinson has announced he has parted ways with his label Syco Music.

The walls singer/songwriter made the huge announcement via his social media.

It’s particularly big as Louis has been with Syco since his career began 10 years ago, as a member of One Direction. Louis was the only member of the band to stay with mentor Simon Cowell’s label Syco when the band went on their extended hiatus back in 2015.

The news will no doubt cause some happiness for Louis’s loyal and devoted fan base who follow his career, as they have always felt that the Syco has never really helped Louis reach his full potential as an artist.

As far as been publicly stated Louis is still with his US label Arista, headed up by David Massey, so it remains to be seen if he stays with them for all his music needs or switches to another label within Sony Music, such as Columbia or RCA, or leaves the Sony family all together. He could possibly join fellow 1D bandmates Niall and Liam at Universal Music Group.

He is also still managed by Mark Gillespie at Three Six Zero Group and Matt Vines and his team at  Seven 7. He has also retained publicist Simon Jones for all UK based publicity.

One thing remains undoubtedly certain that no matter what path Louis chooses to take with his career, he is a phenomenally talented artist and the world is his oyster. We just hope whatever path he takes be it, being signed to a major label or maybe running his own…. he is happy and he remembers that no matter what he chooses, his fans love him and his music.

Here at TBHonest we wish Louis all the best with his future, we are excited to see him on tour next year, and for the next chapter in his music career as we have no doubt whatever he does next will be amazing.

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