The Evidence by K.L Slater is a gripping binge-worthy thriller

The Evidence is the latest binge-worthy thriller from author K.L Slater which is available now on Audible. It’s one that once you start you won’t put down.

When a killer’s podcast reveals more than the truth….

Esme is a start-up success who runs her own successful media company and heads up a series of investigative podcasts. She also has a beautiful home, where she lives with her sister, Michelle, and her son, Zachary. Sure, there’s an ex-husband hanging around – Owen likes to pop round a bit too often – but everything is civilised and amicable. She has life all tied up.

But Esme knows that any successful podcaster is only as good as her last story, so she sets out on a new series of interviews to get to the truth behind Simone Fischer’s high-profile murder of her husband. Self-defence, crime of passion or coldly pre-meditated? She emerges after one jail visit to discover that her sister has been viciously attacked and is in a coma. And so begins the unravelling of Esme’s life. Where she thought there was trust and loyalty, she slowly discovers deceit and betrayal. No one is quite who they seem – not even her closest family.

As the podcast interviews plunge deeper into revealing the unnerving psychology of a murderer, Esme must try to keep her own sanity intact. The truth – about Simone and Esme’s own family – is there, if Esme can only find it. But will her investigations reveal more than she ever wanted to know?

Narrated by Clare Corbett, Rachel Atkins, Alexandra Afryea & David Holt, The Evidence is an utterly gripping psychological thriller which is very hard to stop listening to once you start. The story feels extremely real and true to life. It had many twists and turns that keeps you guessing.

The second female narrator has a very unique and distinctive voice which gives the audiobook an interesting dynamic,it’s a voice readers are going to appreciate or they will find it quite disrupting to the telling of the story. Personally we think it added a nice balance to the telling of the story.

You can download the audiobook on audible here.

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