How Louis Tomlinson’s fans are redefining what it means to be a fan

There is just something about Louis Tomlinson that makes him a really likeable guy, his fans could likely give you a seemingly never-ending list of reasons. Be it his down to earth and friendly nature, his natural ability to show care for and automatically put people at ease, or his phenomenal talent as a lyricist, they will explain to you for every question you have Louis Tomlinson is their answer.

His fans as we’ve said many times before a fiercely loyal bunch whose support for all Louis does knows no bounds. They aren’t your stereotypical group of fans who just want to get into the Walls singers pants. These fans relationship is far more involved and meaningful. They are a team. He’s said so himself on Twitter many times. Constantly thanking them and checking in on them to make sure they are ok.

As a member of One Direction, he may have not been one of the members who was pushed to the forefront and assigned the lead vocals but he was the lynchpin that held the band together. He along with fellow member Liam Payne wrote the majority of the bands latter three albums. He was the one that championed and defended the band against the ardent and relentless politics within the industry.

Fans recognised this and in return, they waged their own fight. Louis wrote a track for the band’s album fourth album, Four called No Control. The fans rallied round and created the now infamous Project No Control, where they got the song charting across the world as a fan released single. So much so interviewers like James Corden started to pick up on it. As James stated when he spoke to lads, it was the most talked-about song on the Billboard top 100 that week and began getting played on radio stations globally due to the sheer amount of fan requests.

The support for Louis didn’t end when One Direction decided to take a break and all go off and pursue solo interests. In January 2020 Louis released his debut album Walls of course his fans got behind it. He returned the favour by gearing the promotion for the record to allow him to meet as many of his fans in person as he possibly could.

Then 8 months after it’s original release his fans came together and pushed the album back to the top of the charts globally. Something that was amazing to see. His Louies were showing the power they have when they work together to show the world just why Louis is one of the most underrated singer/songwriters in the music business today.

His lyrics resonate with millions as is the case with the fans most recent collective effort, Project Defenceless. Defenceless, an album track off Louis album Walls, which celebrated its first birthday at the end of January. Louis made it clear that the anniversary was a personal celebration between himself and the fans.

Being so attuned to his fans, the socially aware singer stated that he wasn’t going to produce merch and profit off of the anniversary, ever mindful that many fans are struggling financially because of the pandemic he instead gave them the original demo of the title track Walls.

Started by a whole group of Louis Tomlinson Update accounts, Project Defenceless has gained huge momentum this week and continues to grow. It’s charted at #1 globally on numerous iTunes and streaming charts. And yesterday it was the only none single to chart and be played The Official Big Top 40 – the UK’s biggest chart show, entering the chart at #32.

Defenceless with the fans help continues to impact globally, with Louis gaining many new fans due to people not familiar with his music seeing the trends on social media and checking out the track and subsequently then listening to more of his music.

Louis Tomlinson fans with projects like this are redefining what it means to be a fan, taking the old archaic stereotypes and flipping them on their head. Today being a fan is not about how can I get the artist to notice me or fall in love with me. It’s about how they get their artist global recognition for their talents and get their music the airplay they so rightly deserve. An artists power comes from their fans and with a huge supportive team of them like Louis has, he needs little else, as they will be there to support him always.

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