Everything you need to know about Jessia, who will appear on Liam Payne’s show

Liam Payne has announced the second artist to be featured in his Here’s to the Future Artist showcase on Veeps. Jessia will join Sam Macpherson to perform on 31 July.

Jessia’s current single, I Should Quit is an absolute jam.

From Vancouver, Jessia started singing before she could talk. Her Mum was a music teacher so she learnt to play the guitar, and began to write songs from the age of 11.

 Graduating high school early to pursue her dream, she attended University, majoring in vocal performance and got her first big break into the music industry by penning and performing toplines for electronic artists, most notably on Burgess’ hit “Eclipse.” 

In 2020 she launched her career as an independent artist with her debut single “Tell Me.” Followed by “Conviction” and “Really Nice To Think About” all of which made it on to Spotify playlists.

At the beginning of 2021 everything changed for Jessia. She uploaded herself singing an acapella hook on to Tik-Tok, candidly saying to her growing fanbase, “I don’t know if this is total trash, or if it’s actually a bop.”  That clip would go on to become “I’m Not Pretty” which received over 25 million in its first month of release.

The track caught the attention of Ryan Tedder who signed her to Artist Driven Records in partnership with Republic Records.

Jessia is clearly a star on the rise, she’s an artist who wants to create music that people connect with and feel like they get to know her more.

“I want all of my songs to feel like you’re sitting down and having a cup of tea with me,” she smiles. “It’s very minimalistic. To me, less is more, and it’s really about the lyrics. I’m talking about my life and my friends’ stories. I’ll be on the phone with somebody and literally stop like, ‘Hold up. I need to write a song about this!’ That’s how it happens.” 

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