A LAYMAN LOOKS AT PHILOSOPHY – and a little science by Cyril Tomkins is a fascinating read

A LAYMAN LOOKS AT PHILOSOPHY – and a little science is a fascinating read by Cyril Tomkins.

Scientists and philosophers often do not see eye to eye, particularly on the evolution of Man and his Mind.

This book evaluates these differences from a layman’s perspective. It also explores the origins of the main areas of philosophy and relates them to practical use at the individual, corporate or governmental level suggesting that a valuable practical role exists for philosophers.

A layman explored his understanding of philosophical concepts and it revealed to him interesting debates about differences between philosophers and scientists relating to the evolution of Man, implications for understanding God and Religion, and different approaches to the meaning of Consciousness and the Mind.

The book also seeks the origin of ethics, fairness, and compassion, as well as aesthetics and language.

Based upon the areas of philosophy reviewed, a framework for a worthwhile existence is offered, which is applicable at the individual, corporate, or government level. The book ends with a simple model of social evolution, asks what philosophy is for, and concludes that there are many issues philosophers should address.

A LAYMAN LOOKS AT PHILOSOPHY – and a little science should appeal to general readers or students who are interested in, but not experts in, philosophy as well as philosophers and scientists specifically interested in the interface between science and philosophy in areas such as the evolution of Man and Consciousness and the Mind. Decision-makers at the individual, corporate, or government levels may like to consider how philosophical concepts inform their strategic judgements. The book might also be fun for other laymen wishing to pursue\nthe route the author has taken.

If you like a book that challenges your thought process and makes you think then you need to add A LAYMAN LOOKS AT PHILOSOPHY – and a little science to your to-read list.

It covers compassion, fairness and ethics as it explores conscious thought, belief systems and religion. All of it is written in a way that will appeal to people who don’t have much knowledge on the subjects being discussed throughout the book. But it also holds thought-provoking insights for readers who do have some knowledge on the subject.

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