Eneya Jenkins to release her debut novel One Orange For Infinite Roses

Eneya Jenkins is an exceptionally talented horse rider having ridden and competed competitively since she was young. She is soon to be a published author with her debut novel One Orange For Infinite Roses.

Having had that all come to a halt during the pandemic, At age 17 and in her senior year at high school, Eneya turned her attention to writing. That writing became her first novel.

One Orange for Infinite Roses tells the story of Elena and Isaac who live in the city of Sarajevo. They are high school sweethearts. They must navigate not only their budding romance but the backdrop of war as in 1992 the former Yugoslavia and Bosnia and Herzegovina were on the brink of war.

The book’s blurb states “Isaac and Elena must learn to battle their new realities. Will they come out unharmed? Or will war take its toll on souls too young to experience such a thing?”

Eneya’s inspiration is based off a true story. It is dedicated to her uncle Irnis Catic who was sadly murdered at the age of 21 just days before the Dayton Accord ended the war. Her Mum Businesswoman, philanthropist and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Diana Jenkins established The Sanela Diana Jenkins Foundation for Bosnia and Herzegovina in Memory of Irnis Ćatić, her brother.

The Foundation, which is closely associated with the funding of the medical school at the University of Sarajevo, aims to provide financial support for establishing Bosnian schools and orphanages. it is instrumental in building homes, supplying emergency aid & relief, and cleaning the country’s lakes and polluted areas. The Foundation is the largest privately funded Bosnian organization of its kind.

Both her Eneyas Mum and her stepfather Asher Monroe have shared on social media how proud they are of her for writing One Orange For Infinite Roses with Asher stating  “I remember during lockdown / Covid times she would spend hours a day chipping away at the story .. wouldn’t let anyone of us take a peep until now .. I know the labor of love it takes to dig deep to write something as profound as this. I’m on the edge of my seat! I couldn’t be more proud of this talented bright mind beautiful soul .” While Diana shared ” You actually did it. I was literally stunned when this arrived today. Covered in tears. You child are everything and more. Speechless .”

One Orange For Infinite Roses will be published via Fulton Books and will be available soon!

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