Just Sing! by Helene Horlyck is the confidence boost we all need

Just Sing! is the first book by singer, vocal coach and all-around confidence queen Helene Horlyck.

Helene Hørlyck is a Danish soprano classically trained in the Bel Canto opera technique. She was taught by her maestro Enrico de Luciani in London where she resided for 23 years. Helene has sung all of her life, toured extensively and have released 4 solo albums. Having performed on stages worldwide she started to draw on her own expertise as a singer, not just technically, but also mentally to develop her vocal coaching methods.

A 360-degree approach making sure any artist would maximise their game both mentally and technically, ensuring a confident and powerful top performance. This lead to her success as a world-renowned vocal and performance mentor. Helene Hørlyck became an elite vocal coach on The X Factor UK for numerous seasons but is mostly known for her phenomenal years as sole vocal coach to the global boyband sensation One Direction. Those years encouraged her to write this book.

Her wish with Just Sing! is to help and inspire not only all the million young aspiring singers globally but especially the young person at home feeling unconfident. Her aspiration is to shine a light on the mindfulness surrounding our individual voices and encourage how easily we can make huge positive changes in our lives by gaining some simple tools and insight into the instrument we are all born with and use each and every day, the voice.

Whenever someone says read any type of self-help book or guide there is that automatic thought in the back of your mind, that it’s not going to be worth the read. It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised when a book turns out to be great. Just Sing! is one of those books. It’s an invaluable guide that not only helps you to unlock the potential in your voice but delves into the psychology behind it and why sometimes we get stuck in our heads and doubt ourselves and our own unique abilities.

With Just Sing!, Helene breaks down the relationship between our voice and our mind and how our inner voice( that one in our mind that can sometimes be a bit negative) and our outer voice need to become best mates and work together, so we reach our full potential.

It’s a book you can read chronologically or you can dip in and read the chapters that will help you when you need them. It’s packed full of helpful hints and little exercises you can do to improve your voice and confidence. As an E book, it’s like having your own personal Helene in your pocket and with you at all times, championing you and helping you use your voice.

What we find truly beautiful about this book is how inspiring it is from the very first page, the foreword written by Helene’s client Louis Tomlinson who has worked with Helene since he was 18, is inspiring it sets the tone for the entire book.

As someone who personally has gone through years of speech therapy and worked with numerous different speech therapists, due to having vocal chord paralysis, the exercises and the explanations about how to look after your voice in this book have helped me more in the past week than over five years have speech therapy have. While it’s a book for singers, it’s also a book for anyone who wants to build their confidence in their everyday life, be it reading out loud in class, presenting a presentation at work or even hosting a podcast or space on social media, Just Sing! will inspire and motivate you to do just that!

You can get a copy here!

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