Ahead of her “A Touch of the Divine” digital experience, AURORA reveals new songs

Ahead of her “A Touch of the Divine” digital experience, AURORA has revealed two new songs from her forthcoming album ‘The Gods We Can Touch‘.

AURORAs highly anticipated new album, The Gods We Can Touch will be released through Decca, on 21st January. This is an elegant and celestial but provocative body of work about shame, desire and morality, all seen through the narrative prism of Greek mythology.

The two new tracks ‘A Dangerous Thing‘ and ‘Everything Matters‘ (featuring French songstress Pomme ) continue the Greek mythology narrative, as we meet a different god or goddess. In A Dangerous Thing, we meet Peitho, the personification of seduction and persuasion and in Everything Matters, AURORA introduces us to Atlas, God of endurance.

AURORA has explained of Everything Matters, “It’s a very strange story. A story I would like for people out there to figure out themselves. I contacted a French artist, Pomme, to write the ending for me. And it is beautiful. Sensual. And real. I do often feel like this world is trying to make me focus on all these great miracles. And somehow I feel like it makes me miss out on the small ones. And that is sad. Because the small miracles happen all the time. Sometimes several times a day. And I want to see all of them. Because everything matters.”

And of A Dangerous Thing, “There’s a lot of beauty in this world. And there’s a lot of ugly. I was surprised to learn how often the ugly is disguised as beauty. How often poison is disguised as wine. And life disguised as death.

And when we learn that what we thought was good for us, is in fact bad for us – even then we tend to go return to it. Because at least it’s familiar. And all we ever dream about is home. Seductive, yet destructive. A dangerous thing indeed.” 

The reveal of these two songs come ahead of the release of AURORA’s third album and her worldwide digital experience in which she will perform music from her forthcoming album for the first time ever on 25th January. The one-off moment will air exclusively on the premium live digital platform Moment House, and will be powered by Intel® Evo™. 

Buy tickets to A Touch Of The Divine, The Experience HERE.

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