No Ex Before Marriage by Portia Maclntosh would make a fantastic movie

No Ex Before Marriage is the latest read from author Portia Maclntosh. Portia MacIntosh is a bestselling romantic comedy author of over 15 novels, including Stuck On You and The Plus One Pact. Previously a music journalist, Portia writes hilarious stories, drawing on her real-life experiences.

It’s not over until someone says ‘I do’…

While her friends join the “Wife Club” one by one, Poppy feels like that part of her life is done and dusted. Already married and divorced she’s not desperate to go through all that again.

But what if her divorce never actually went through…?

After a shock revelation Poppy not only discovers she is still married, but that Zac is about to have his second wedding!

Coming face to face with her (almost) ex-husband after six years apart is never going to be easy. And when Zac panics and tells his new wife-to-be that Poppy is family, things can’t get much worse as she is welcomed with open arms as part of the wedding party!

As the memories flood back, can Poppy really leave the past where it is? And can she watch the first love of her life walk down the aisle to say ‘I do’ once again?

No Ex Before Marriage is a wonderful read and is absolutely crying out to be made into a movie. Told through a mixture of present-day happenings and flashbacks, you really get to know the characters and are drawn into their lives, so much so that you end up feeling as if you are really a part of the wedding party.

It’s a book that will make you laugh out loud, make you cry for the characters because of things that happen in their lives, but ultimately it will fill your heart with joy.

You can get a copy of No Ex Before Marriage here!