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The Madrid EDITION partners with  chef Diego Muñoz to launch Oroya 

One of the most anticipated openings of the year in Madrid, Oroya, is set to become the city’s favourite hangout, providing guests and visitors alike, with the perfect venue for long and lazy afternoon lunches to late-night light bites and cocktails.

Located on the fourth floor of The Madrid EDITION and boasting an expansive terrace that offers some of the most impressive views of Madrid available, Oroya’s rooftop is a sanctuary of greenery overlooking the hustle and bustle of the city. An outdoor fireplace and a vine-covered pergola frame a bleached teak bar and rattan bar stools, alongside a long oak table, perfect for lazy lunches, cocktail hour or light bites with friends and family while admiring quintessential views of Madrid’s red rooftops against the backdrop of the setting sun.

Indoors is a relaxed, convivial greenhouse-like setting framed by a blackened steel cage clad with climbing plants and coloured glass panels that cast bright patterns across the room.

According to Diego, “In the ancient Quechua (the Inca’s ancient language), Oroya means a cable with a sliding platform that unites two places divided by water. Spain and Peru are intrinsically connected and at The Madrid EDITION, we celebrate the cultural and culinary connections that bring us together. Oroya’s menu is inspired by classic gastronomic techniques from both regions, embracing each other to create a fun and colorful experience”.

With this in mind, Diego’s casual menu has been designed for sharing alongside an extensive selection of Pisco cocktails.

With the intention of creating a unique, convivial hotspot enticing Madrid’s most glamorous crowds, the carefully curated menu of standout sharing dishes includes sea bass ceviche with lemon drops, limo chilli peppers and tiger’s milk; papas arrugadas with traditional huancaina sauce and coffee; oysters served with dashi, umeboshi, pickled chalaca and red algae,  and ha-kao on a Parihuela seafood soup: creations that use each of their ingredients and recipes to tell the cultural history of Peru, influenced by flavors from Spain, Africa, Italy, China and Japan.

Credit: The Madrid EDITION

The Pisco menu is expertly executed and includes the famous Pisco Sour — made using Pisco Puro Quebranta, Pisco Mosto Verde Italia, egg whites and lime; the Capitán Oroya — made with a blend of Quebranta Pisco, vermouth blend and Oloroso sherry and the Carajazo – featuring espresso, Licor 43, Quebranta Mosto Verde Pisco and a Peruvian Agave Destillate. Together, with Julio Barluenga, ex-sommelier at Astrid & Gastón has curated an expertly sourced wine list showcasing local and international producers.

You can find out more about Oroya here!

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