Jake Miller’s Viral “Quarantunes” on TikTok

While we’ve all been in quarantine, pop star Jake Miller has taken TikTok by storm accumulating a combined 435K followers12 million views, and 2 million likes across his viral Coronavirus-themed “Quarantunes.”

The TikTok series features his entire family quarantined together in their South Florida home performing original songs by Jake like “Take A Walk” (5 million views, 875K likes), “House Party” (1.7 million views, 285K likes), “Don’t Eat The Bat” (1.7 million views, 136K likes), and “How Long Will This Last?” (370K views, 55K likes). 

We love the series as it not only shows the world just how Jake adapts to what is going on around him and how talented he is as a singer/songwriter. It’s also a great way for him to connect with his existing fanbase while connecting with new ones.


My 2nd single “Take A Walk” off my new album “Quarentunes” 😷🦠💿 #coronavirus corona #covid19 #foryou #foryoupage #TakeAWalk

♬ TAKE A WALK – Jake Miller

NEW CHALLENGE! Turn your house into a club with your fam #housepartychallenge 🏠🎉 #coronavirus corona #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #happyathome

♬ House Party – Jake Miller

Since his career began Jake has headlined eight tours including:

  • The Miller High Life Tour (2012)
  • The Us Against Them Tour (2013)
  • The Dazed and Confused Tour (2015)
  • The Overnight Tour Europe (2017)
  • Back to the Start Tour (2017)
  • Hit and Run Tour (2018)
  • Wait for You Tour (2019)
  • Whatever USA Tour 2019 (with) Hoodie Allen

He also supported Fifth Harmony on their 7/27 tour.

Now Jake Miller is back and is gearing up to drop his new single “SAVED ME” on May 15th, which we are very excited for as Jake is a hugely talented artist, who puts his heart and soul into all his music.

You can now pre-save on Spotify and Apple Music HERE.  

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