Why Just Like You is 1 of the most important videos Louis Tomlinson has ever made

Louis Tomlinson has done a lot in the 10 years he’s been in the music industry. But one of most important things he’s ever done is release the Just Like You videos.

He released Just Like You, a song that was not a single it was a promotional tool designed to let his passionate and growing fanbase get to know him more. It was released 12 October 2017 and recently climbed the iTunes charts again as fans celebrated it’s anniversary which also coincided with National Coming Out Day.

It was a song where Louis sang about his life and explained that despite the things the mainstream media print and the public believes he’s just like everyone else. He has bad days. The song also offered an insight in to the world of paparatzi and PR set ups with the revealing lyrics :

Twenty-five and it’s all planned
Night out and it’s ten grand
Headlines that I can’t stand but you only get half of the story
The cash, and the cars, and the glory
No sleep and we party ’til morning
‘Cause nobody cares when you’re boring

Just like You- Louis Tomlinson

It was the lyric video for Just Like You, that was really eye-opening and gives the biggest glimpse into how undermined and misinterpreted Louis has been by the mainstream media.

It features the lyrics as newspaper cuttings. The newspaper cuttings show Louis is well informed about social topics and things that affect his fans, as it featured articles about LGBTQ+, BLM, pay equality at work, women’s rights etc. It also mentioned the very public disagreement and legal proceedings between George Michael and Sony Music, where George likened his contract and it’s terms to modern slavery.

The video is one that you spot something new every time you watch it and has many layers to peel back and explore. For a mere lyric video for a promotional single a lot of work and thought has gone in to it, on the part of Louis and the team he collbaorated with to make it.

It’s a great education tool for finding out about issues that affect people in the world. It’s Louis way of sharing how aware he is of what’s going on and educating his fan base to be just as aware. As he’s a guy that knows his fan base inside out. Knows they like researching topics and finding out info. With this video, he’s given them just that. It’s a treasure trove of facts and education points that will keep you busy for many hours learning new things.

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