Gemma Styles latest Sunglasses collection is her best yet!

Gemma Styles has an absolute talent when it comes to creating sunglasses, and her partnerships with both Kenmark Eyewear and Baxter and Bonny to create them is nothing short of iconic.

This is her third collection and it’s easily her best yet. Not only does Gemma and the team she works have a knack for sorting out your shades for summer, they also manage to create versatile frames you can wear all year round.

With this new collection Gemma is once again focused on creating timeless frames that carry from season to season and out last all the trends.

What we have always loved about Gemma’s sunglasses is that all of them including the new blue light frames are suitable for optical lenses, meaning you can get your own prescription added to them by your optician.

Gemma’s third collection of sunglasses features some old favourites from her previous collections and some brand new styles( no pun intended!)

Goodbye Stranger

Goodbye Stranger comes in three colours Carbon, Thunder and Palm( which is exclusive to Baxter and Bonny).

“This is one of my most-worn styles and I’m so happy to bring it back in some new colours. Of course they still come with my must-have snag free nose pieces, so you can push them on and off your head all day long without getting your hair all tangled up. I don’t think I could go back to wearing glasses without this feature, honestly. I’ve never seen anyone who this shape doesn’t suit, they’re magic.”– Gemma on Goodbye Stranger.


This style is made with special lenses that are able to block or filter out the blue light given off from digital screens.

“I’ve been secretly wearing these at my laptop for months before launch. A classic shape with just enough weight to remain contemporary. I like to think there’s something for everyone in this colour selection, whether you want something subtle or a pop of added interest — I most often reach for Sage or Tortoise myself.” -Gemma on Iris.

Lakeshore Drive

Lakeshore Drive comes in three colours Sage, Fawn and Tortoise. Much like Goodbye Stranger it’s one of favourites as we prefer bigger frames.

“Big 70s energy. They make me want to put on flares. Here I took the universally flattering shape of Goodbye Stranger and adapted it into an acetate frame. It feels completely new and I love that this allows more scope to explore colours in the shape. There’s a mixture of earthy shades and tones here that I hope should provide something for everyone.”– Gemma on the idea behind the Lakeshore Drive style.

Heart of Glass

Heart of Glass is available in three colours: Carbon, Tigers Eye and Thistle.

“Heart of Glass is perfect if you’re looking for a statement frame with a slightly softer, rounded shape. They maintain their edge with the pointed corners and lively colours, offering a great mixture of time-honoured style and modern, elegant features.”-Gemma on the Heart of Glass frames.

Let Her Dance

Now Let Her Dance are sunglasses that people will most definitely stop you and ask you where you got them. They are available in three shades: Antique, Carbon and Pool.

“The mixture of materials here means that the shape feels a touch more feminine and lighter on your face. I think they have quite a vintage feel to them but in a very different way than others in the collection. I’ll be wearing these with simple outfits as a perfect finishing touch.”– Gemma on the inspiration for Let Her Dance.

Dream On

The Dream On Sunglasses are available in three shades: Carbon, Denim and Checkmate( which is exclusive to Baxter and Bonny).

“Bold, big glasses. A style like this is so reliable to have in your wardrobe, sleek and yet easy to reach for day to day. It feels so classic, I’ll be wearing these for years, so hope you will too!”– Gemma on Dream On.


Casanova is a style that really makes a statement but is super versatile. They are available in four shades: Carbon, Chili, Tortoise and the absolutely stunning Emerald.

If you purchase the ‘Tortoise’ style of Casanova you will also be helping Gemma support Mental Health research with MQ Mental Health Research, of which Gemma has been an ambassador of for the past few years.

“Casanova is a really striking frame while still being very wearable. If you want a statement shape that you don’t have to change your whole wardrobe around, this is it. I think it works beautifully in classic colours like black and tortoise as well as carrying off punchier ones, too. I can’t decide which is my favourite yet!”– Gemma discussing her thoughts on the Casanova frames.


Focus are one of new styles for this collection. They are made from special lenses that are able to block or filter out the blue light given off from digital screens which we love as we spend lots of time staring at our screens researching article ideas and then writing them. So we think these are a very nice addition to Gemma’s sunglasses collection.

They are available in Chamapagne.

“Simple but perfectly formed… with the easy breezy no-snag nose pieces! This gentle frame is a feminine option and ideal for those with square or heart shaped faces especially. If you’re looking for glasses to complement but not overwhelm your outfits, you found them.”– Gemma on Focus.

The Young Ones

The Young Ones are a staple from previous collections, inspired by a photo of Gemma’s Grandmother in the 70’s, they are available in Antique.

“I love this pretty style, inspired by a picture of my grandmother in the 70s, and it’s back in the new colour Antique. It has great texture to it that makes the neutral colour really intriguing, while still blending well with all sorts of palettes through the year.”– Gemma on the inspiration behind The Young Ones Sunglasses.


Blink are another exciting new addition for this collection which also feature the blue light lenses that reduce the harshness of digital screens on the eyes.

They are available in Champagne and Penny.

“Glasses to dress up or down! A strong shape but delicately made, Blink is a real all-rounder in two flattering metal colour ways. Just like my metal sunglasses styles, these feature the snag-free nose pieces that mean you can push these on and off your head when needed without worrying about catching your hair.”– Gemma on Blink.

Baker Street

Baker Street are another of our new faves from this collection, and they are available in two colours: Carbon and Tigers Eye.

“This design encapsulates the tone of the whole collection, classic and warm colours combined with nostalgic energy and modern details. The rounded rectangular frame shows off the Tiger’s Eye colour way particularly well and the frame itself is a really balanced choice both in shape and mixture of materials.”– Gemma on Bakers Street.

You can shop all styles here, prices start from $48 and Baxter and Bonny ship internationally. You can also shop the collection at Nordstrom( where you get the ‘Young Ones’ in a exclusive shade ‘Pool’.

Let us know which are your faves from Gemma’s latest collection on @TBHONEST_UK!