Good Influence with Gemma Styles is everything you need in a Podcast

Gemma Styles has released a new podcast, it’s called Good Influence with Gemma Styles and it’s everything you need in a podcast.

In every episode of Good Influence, Gemma has a guest on who talks about a subject that we either don’t talk about or don’t really know enough about to have informed discussion on.

The first episode is all about Mental Health which is a subject close to Gemma’s heart and something she is a huge advocate for people opening up and discussing. She recently launched her own mental health campaign, Find The Light.

It features Gemma’s friend, poet and writer Charly Cox. Charly is a mental health activist and an ambassador for the mental health research organisation MQ, which is who Gemma has been supporting with her own campaign. They strive to ” create a world where there is no stigma surrounding mental health. they are understood, effectively treated and one day made preventable.”

What we love about the podcast is it feels like you are one of Gemma’s mates and you are sat with both her and Charly while they discuss mental health and why they are both advocates for it. It’s so friendly and personable but also really informative, what more could you want in a podcast?

Gemma is also encouraging listeners to send in questions for future episodes she will be recording on Sustainable Fashion and feminism. You can email to get involved with the conversation.

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