Mistletoe and the Mouse by Elsa Simonetti is a magical read

If you are looking for a magical read this Christmas then you need to get a copy of Mistletoe and the Mouse by Elsa Simonetti. It’s full of love and Disney magic.

Elsa Simonetti also writes romantic women’s fiction under the name of Liz Taylorson. She was born in the same year as Walt Disney World, but many miles away in the north of England.

Her earliest Disney memory is crying during Bambi at the Saturday morning cinema club! It wasn’t until her own children were small that her husband introduced her to the magic of Disneyland Paris, and since then she has become obsessed, proving Walt Disney’s own belief that “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever”. That was the seed of Mistletoe and the Mouse – that Disneyland is not just for children, but for anyone who is young at heart.

Can a magical Christmas melt a frozen heart?

Join Belle and James as they visit Mickey Mouse for a sparkling holiday season at Disneyland Paris.

Belle has been numb since her mother died, and she can’t face Christmas at home without her. Instead she books a surprise holiday to her “happy place” – the Magic Kingdom. But her boyfriend James has problems of his own. He doesn’t “do Disney” and what will his mother think of him missing their family Christmas to go to Disneyland with Belle?

A festive romance with a sprinkling of Pixie Dust.

Mistletoe and the Mouse is the ultimate love letter to Disney. It’s full of heart, love and Disney magic. But it’s also a story of loss and learning how to move on. One of the things that makes this book really special is the individual journeys both Belle and James go on and their growth as characters, It makes you invest in them and their story.

If you want a book that will help you escape for awhile this festive season then Mistletoe and the Mouse is a novel you need to read as it will leave you smiling.

You can get a copy here.

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