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Louis Tomlinson sends gifts to lucky fans who bought his merch

Louis Tomlinson is a guy that likes to give back and show his fans how much he loves and appreciates all that they do to support him. Some very lucky fans who had previously ordered merch from his online store received some extremely special gifts in the post after being picked at random.

One of the fans, Sharlene who was sent something posted photos of the thoughtful gifts.

They included an exclusive and limited edition print of which there is only 369( each print has been numbered) and a bucket hat all from Louis’recent limited edition 369 merch drop. As well as a letter from Louis in which he said he wanted to send them a gift as a thank you for all their support.

“Hi, I wanted to send you something as a thank you for all your support. There is an exclusive print and hat limited to 369 pieces.” it was signed by Louis with his trademark smiley.

As usual with Louis, the 369 merch drop featured his trademark smiley face and some really cool graphics involving ladders and Louis painting his own smiley logo and abstract images of live shows, which make us very excited to see him live again when it’s safe to do so.

You can currently shop the ‘Drip Smiley’ range which is the latest drop Louis has done.

Louis’s merch store is managed by Global Merchandise Services ( the world’s largest independent entertainment merchandiser) who have put a chat feature on the site so you can chat to them with any questions you have about the merch or shipping. Although if ordering internationally it’s worth keeping in mind delivery may take longer with all the covid restrictions in place in many countries.

You can shop Louis’s merch here.

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